Thursday, March 29, 2012

"North by Northwest Passage" for Alfred Hitchcock Show, "Suspense and Gallows Humor"

"North by Northwest Passage"
22" x 22" Gouache on paper

 I've loved "North by Northwest" since the first time I saw it - the visuals, the music, the tiny razor gags, but most of all, the urban/rural scene hopping, from New York, to Chicago, to South Dakota.  So - I thought I'd throw together a sort of scenic chart of all the actual locations in the movie - the only fictional one being the Northwest Airlines terminal, which no longer exists and I couldn't find reference for (but for "North by Northwest", I figured I'd take a little liberty).  Also not included are the 1212 Michgan Ave Auction house and the hospital in Rapid City, as they were shot on soundstage in Hollywood.    Even with that, it was a bit of a beast.  Lots of research, lots of windows . . . The cars are also accurate from the initial 57 Skoda 440 cab to the '51 White Freightliner the plane crashes into, to the '52 Ford Customline Cary Grant rescues the girl in.  I took color from the footage to get some of that "technicolor" feel, and blatantly ripped off Saul Bass' opening credit arrows to show the action.

Anywho - the show opens at the Gallery1988 Venice location on April 13th!


progress - pencils to color blocking, to black line on top
The remnants of my notes.


Kiersten said...

This may be the most bad-ass thing you've ever painted.. I know I always say that, but this thing is just AMAZING!!

Andrew DeGraff said...

Shucks!:) I have to compete with your kick-ass "Birds" painting. Man. They should let us do a show together. Obsessive Wonder Twins!!

jbofctu said...

Is the gallery going to have prints of this piece, or is it just the original?

Cuyler Smith said...

Andrew I saw your piece at the show last night and it was incredible. It was an honor to be in the same show as you. Great work!

Andrew DeGraff said...

Thanks, and as per prints, just talked to the G1988 about making some - should have more info soon.