Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wet Hot American Summer Show! (and website update)

The Wet Hot American Summer Show opened up at Gallery1988, and my "Camp Firewood" map sold!  Yahoo!  I love doing these maps - they're a little bit of a nightmare, but gratifying when they're done.  My "History of the World" buddy, Dr. Owen Sherwood, contributed these guys (below) which look pretty sweet too - and if you want the Michael Showalter as Alan Shemper, too bad.  It's already gone.  Check out all the piece on the Gallery1988 site.

And . . . I have updated my site with some new goodies if you want to see, including some more of the History of the World show, as well as new editorial.

1 comment:

owen said...

thanks for the props dog... I kind of feel like a loser for not putting you on mine now. I shall rectify.