Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend - Lets Go Mets!

I almost forgot to post this!  I had a great memorial day weekend with my fam going out for a lovely dinner on Saturday night, and then watching the Mets lambaste the Phillies on Sunday followed by a sweet BBQ on my cousin James' and his fiancee Emily's rooftop deck in Astoria.  It was such a pounding by the Mets that I even found time to squeeze in a four inning drawing of the stadium . . . I thought it would be quicker, but man - stadiums are complicated, and baseball is glorious and therefore distracting.  I've been back in the city quite a bit since moving to Philly and let me tell you, New York's a nice place to visit.  Even made me a little homesick.  That is, until I came home to my big studio, AC'd apt, and did laundry IN the apartment.  Adios homesickness.  If only the Mets and Phillies could do a sort of exchange program for a season or two . . .

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