Thursday, October 18, 2012

Analog Arkanoid

"Analog Arkanoid"
8" x 10", pencil and gouache
on watercolor paper
Here's my submission for "The Old School Video Games Art Show Level 2" at Gallery1988's Venice location.  I was one of only three kids in the continental U.S. who grew up in the eighties without any video game console, so I loved the simple games.  I didn't have 300 hrs to put into Zelda, or Castlevania - so I loved the games where all you needed was hand eye coordination: Space Ivaders, Centipede, Spacewar (oh yes - the oldest game on the books), and of course the Pong revamp Breakout, which eventually became my beloved Arkanoid!  Given how low tech my childhood was, I thought I'd pay homage to the simple joy of destroying something effectively, so here's my "Analog Arkanoid".

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