Monday, September 20, 2010

Medieval Times - Savior of Sports Entertainment Dining or Harbinger of the End of Human Civilization? . . . yess . . .

Recently wed Wes and Kiersten whisked Michelle and I away to a undisclosed secret location veiled in the shadow of the Pulaski Skyway, beyond the swamps of Hoboken, and past the black gates of the New Jersey Turnpike to the magical fiefdom of Lydenhurst.  There the secret revealed itself in the form of a towering parapet (as large as the local zoning board would allow at least) made of authentic poorly reproduced stone - alas, we gazed upon the castle of the Lyndenhurst franchise of Medieval Times!  Much merriment was had as the local king regaled us with his alternating basso/falsetto voice about the location of fire exits.  The lord chamberlain explained in the best king's english the castle smoking policy. . . It was as if time itself had peeled back the curtain of reality!

OK - enough snark - it was super fun.  If you love cheering for staged sporting events, if you love eating with only your hands in almost complete darkness, if you love regional theater rejects spouting utter nonsense in poorly imitated British accents . . . and I do . . . Get thee to New Jersey!  (Or check their web site for a location near you!)  It was an AWESOME surprise.  Nice one W + K.

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