Monday, June 14, 2010

More Nevada Politics!

Another one for Rachel Perkins at the LV Sun. Jim Gibbons, the current governor of Nevada and political maverick/constitutionally confused whackjob has just become the fist incumbent governor to lose the primary in the state's history. Thus not being allowed to even run for his office against his democratic counterpart, he is now a stupendously lame duck - thus the overly large duck transport vehicle. I had a lot of fun on this one. Gibbons has a perfectly square head that's really fun to draw, and since I rode an overly large hollowed out water fowl to school for six years of roughest years of my life, I was happy to rock one here. I'll leave you with this quote - “Racial profiling should be for terrorism. If you look like and act like a terrorist, if you’re coming across as a bad person, you’re going to do harm to our citizens, whether it’s deal drugs, commit crime or commit a terrorist act. Absolutely we ought to profile everybody that looks like a terrorist. I don’t have a problem with that. But if they want to have a racial profile of Irishmen, then I’m going to question that.” - Soon to be former governor, Jim Gibbons (R).

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