Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New CityLife Doodle Cover!

A cover for Maureen at LasVegas CityLife. The finish design is a bit different, but you can get an ideer of the style. This was a gaggle of giggles to do. Andrew DeGraff - Pro-Doodler - Living the Dream. Actually, to ammend that, I found it kind of hard to try to make this look authentic, i.e. have it drawn poorly, but well . . . Hard to describe, but I think you get it. It was sort of like method acting - I put on some Journey, Rush, Queen, and the Cars and watched NewsRadio on Hulu - and I was back procrastinating on my homework all over again. It was great to rework the CITYLIFE text a bit, too. And make it bleed a little.

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