Monday, February 4, 2008

Let Me Entertain You

There's never been any one better than Freddie. This was actually a belated birthday present for my buddy Colin, who Ive been friends with since the Kindygarden. We both started listening to Queen pretty obsessively in 4th grade, and while I had a lapse of interest for about five years, Ive found them again, right where I left them, and those harmonies sound so sweet.


Colin said...

Sweet, dude. This is hanging up in my room. You've perfectly captured the uncomfortable way he covered up his famous buck teeth.

Anonymous said...

Awesome work, Drew!

Good to see you're still at it.

Greg here, currently married to your former Pratt roommate Lindsey. Found you via the Dirty Laundry website which I found via Grain Edit, which I read daily (I'm a graphic designer these days, having attended Pratt Manhattan from '05-'07). Hope you are well...