Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Trilogy Maps and Pee Wee with details!

Here they are, with some details not available anywhere else.  I've been working on these for the past few months for the current show at Gallery1988 with the great Bennett Slater (work and prints available to buy here).  It's great to see the buzz on these - people seem to really love them - which is awesome. . . In case you were wondering, they were A LOT of work!  At 130-200 hrs per painting all done by hand, they are the most complicated things I've done (yet), and I'm not one to shy away from complication!  So enjoy, nit pick, relive the Spielbergian/Lucasian genius in all it's glory. 

To the trilogies!!
"Paths of Hope", 18.5" x 22", gouache on paper
"Paths of Hope" detail
"Paths of Empire", 18.5" x 22", gouache on paper
"Paths of Empire" detail
"Paths of Return", 18.5" x 22", gouache on paper
"Paths of Return" detail
"Paths of Raiders", 18.5" x 22", gouache on paper

"Paths of Raiders" detail

"Paths of Doom", 18.5" x 22", gouache on paper
"Paths of Doom" detail

"Paths of Crusade", 18.5" x 22", gouache on paper
"Paths of Crusade" detail

Collaboration with Bennett Slater
"And Knitting, and Knitting, and Knitting", 18" x 24"
Acrylic and oil on wood 
"And Knitting, and Knitting, and Knitting" detail


Unknown said...

I just purchased a print of the Crusade piece from Gallery 1988. Your detailing is SO amazing! This was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and seeing everything from Indy's detour to the flower stand on the Venice pier to the ID number on the side of the zeppelin... seeing that you went out of your way to include them brings the biggest smile to my face. I'm just thrilled I got the print before they sold out - the Raiders was gone before I even looked at the site, two days after the show opened! I realize these are incredibly time-consuming, but have you given any thought to what film(s) might be next on your list?

Andrew DeGraff said...

Thanks Chris! Glad you like and noticed the flower stand!:) As per the next movies, Im taking suggestions. My only definites for the next batch are the LOTR trilogy, and original TRON. Lots of other contenders for a future map show: Alien, Back to the Future (1 or full tril), Terminator 1&2, point break, Nolan Batmans, Burton's batman, Big lebowski, Bueller or Bfast Club, The Conversation, the shining. .. Been thinking about it a lot. . . Let me know if there's anything you'd like thrown in the mix for consideration.

Andrew DeGraff said...

I do love crusade. "Dad, we're WELL out of range." KBOOM. So good. Funny that spielberg and lucas called it an apology for Temple, but I get it. The humor, slapstick timing . . . so good and missing in a lot of temple (which is great too, but a definitely the outlier.)

ChrisB said...


I just discovered your Path of Crusade work and would loved to have purchased a print. Are there any available (for shipping to the UK) or have they sold out?