Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New American Medical News Piece - All about the Zen!

Here's a new piece I finished for Jennifer Wenger at AMN during the CRAZY week between Christmas and the opening in which I also had do my collaborative piece with  Bennett Slater for the G1988 show.  Happy with how everything came out, and really happy with this piece about doctors using meditation and other zen Buddhist techniques to enhance their ability to be totally present with patients, and prevent themselves from burning out.  Not only was it fun - but a good reminder to take a little time everyday to straighten out your head.  I also had a good time looking at a lot of Japanese woodblocks for inspiration, mostly Hiroshige and Hokusai - and merging it with my current stuff.  Those prints were a HUGE influence on me when i started to move away from strict realism, and I had forgotten how many little tricks I had stolen.  Especially with the maps I've been doing of late, the flat, fixed style of perspective in particular, the deep focus - those guys were amazingly creative manipulators of the picture plane.  I've still got a lot to learn.


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