Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Upcoming Show . . .

Mr. Owen Sherwood and myself will be hanging our show "History of the World" at the Capitol Region ArtCenter in Troy, NY in two weeks!  The work's coming along really well, and it's been great to step outside myself a bit and try some new approaches.    I'm mixing a more personal interpretation of history with a bit of autobiography.  It's sort of a mental cheat sheet of the "History of the World" more than a linear start to finish.    The image above is actually a drawing from a photograph of my great grandfather, Jessie Wood (in orange) and his ball team in the late 1800's.  Threw in a couple more preview images below.  The show opens on April 4th, with a reception on the 29th.

New PCWorld Spot

New spot for Beth Kamoroff at PCWorld about Firefox creating software to make it's users untraceable to advertisers.  I have a few more to upload - but blogger is being a real pain with not allowing pics up . . .If anyone has a solution for the dreaded "server rejected" thing that pops up, I'd love to know!