Monday, December 31, 2012

Sneak Peak!!

Nice piece about the Star Wars maps for the upcoming show with Bennett Slater Jan 5th at G1988 Melrose!  You can get a look at the whole finished SW trilogy for the first time . . . :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Map Madness! Jan 5th, G1988 Melrose!

Getting psyched for the January show with Bennett Slater at Gallery1988 Melrose!  Here's a small version of my Empire Strikes Back map.  Each character is represented as a colored line, and follows their progress through the entire film.  The alternating colored lines represent characters traveling together who have a special bond, sometimes for only a short time like Chewie(brown) and 3PO(yellow) when Chewie is repairing him.  Han(navy) and Chewie have a bond, R2(royal blue) when co-piloting for Luke (light blue),   R2 and C3PO . . . 
     All three of the Star Wars movies will be available as full size prints (sorry, no price yet) which are 18.5"x22".  Im also doing all three of the first Indiana Jones movies.