Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Popular Mechanics

Got to do some fun little spots for Michael Lawton at Popular Mechanics dealing with navigation systems - something I can identify with.  My girlfriend has one - we call it "Carol" as in the Horatio Sanz character on SNL.  She, for it has a female voice, barks out instructions in her tinny voice in the middle of conversations, recalculates in drive thru's, and is a general nuissance, and yet a source of great amusement since it leads to us talking in that monotone authoritarian voice - "I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM IN POINT THREE MILES, TURN RIGHT AT THE COWBOY SIGN, WHERE'S MY POINT THREE MILE DOUGHNUTS, . . . . . . . I'M CAROL!!"

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Goonies" print on sale!

My "Goonies" print from the Crazy4Cult show is on sale here from Gallery1988!  The signed numbered edition of 35 is ready to order just in time for Christmas.  A great gift for that age old question: "What do you get the "Goonies" fan who has everything?"!

Friday, December 3, 2010

New PennStater Piece - Hip Displacement

New piece for the super nice Carole Otypka at the PennStater about a hipster who moves to the 'burbs, and finds life fulfillment in TMNT pops, bragging about his cost of his 4$ pants.  Do kids today know the Turtles only in pop form?  Maybe so . . .