Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Last Policeman

New spot for Scott Dickensheets at Las Vegas Citylife for a review of "The Last Policeman" by Ben H. Winters.  The novel is about a detective trying to solve a murder disguised as a suicide.  The twist?  There's an asteroid heading towards Earth that's going to kill us all anyway.  Sounds like a good read - post apocalyptic stuff is great, but I love the new PRE-apocalyptic genre.  The piece was done with gouache - laying out a modeled grey in the face and hat and the maroon-ish asteroid "transparency", subtracting out the highlights, and then going in with some darker tones.  The asteroid and noose were drawn with gouache, and then the whole thing futzed around with on photoshop for a little tweak and arrow adding.

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