Friday, May 25, 2012


Thought I'd try a painting with a little more painting in it.  I've had the idea to do a Teddy Roosevelt equestrian painting for a while, and I might use this for a show in Chicago.  I read two biographies of him when I was a kid, and while I think he was an amazing person, I think he must have driven everyone around him crazy.   He's in the Magnificent Bastard category.  Did some great stuff, said some great things, but seemed to me like a bull in the china shop.
  Fun to mix in a little more watercolor with the gouache.  Basically I'm playing with the addition/subtraction stuff I've used in a few in class demos and other little paintings with bit of the dry brush on top that I've been working with since college (thank you, Rudy Gutierrez:)).  I sized it to fit this great wood frame I found at a little used furniture/antique/various stuff shop about a block and a half from my house.  20$! plus 22.79$ for some plexi, and ba-boom!  Teddy!

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Unknown said...

Great job on this piece, thanks to you I have this bad boy in my living room.