Friday, December 30, 2011

Two Hours at the Museum

My parents swung by Philly for a lovely visit and we spent part of the afternoon at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  They have a great collection, and given my recent interest in sketch booking (and trying to brush up my skills for the in-the-works-cross-country-bike-ride) I though I'd try to do a little work while I was walking around.
Bust, bust with stache.

I do love me some Stu Davis.

When people ask me about Philly, I say "wherever you go, nice restaurant, fancy hotel lobby -  there's a guy in shorts and Phillies t-shirt".  This is untrue - as evidenced by this drawing, he is sometimes wearing an Eagles Starter Jacket.

Mod tackles air-smooching.

Drawing of the surgeon, Dr. Agnew,  from the "The Agnew Clinic" by Eakins.

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