Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reginald Chelmsley Wigglebottom - Gouache demo

Hour 1 (plus a little)
Hour 2 (plus a little)
Here a little in-class demonstration I did for my Methods and Media I class at Pratt.  Demos can be a little fickle and rushed, but I like how this one came out.  I usually do weird colored renditions of celebrities from photos for demos (see the otis below) but this time I thought I'd just paint out a character of my own with more of a realistic feel.  I started out with laying the background green, and then layering on the major base colors in the face: the brownish lower portion, the reddish nose and ears and warmer forehead and cheeks.  Then I subtracted out some of the lighter portions with a brush and rag, and then just continued building in light and darks.  In the second hour I just kept shaping the face, rounding it out and adding detail in the wrinkles as well as finishing out the frilly cravat and jacket.  Then I flattened out the background tone to highlight the texture in the face with a couple twinkley stars for giggles.  Ba-boom.  Wigglebottom.

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