Friday, May 6, 2011

History of the World . . . With MORE!!

"A Concept of Four at Two", 22" x 22" Gouache on paper

 This is a portrait of my brother - the former cutest kid on earth title holder, and inspired by the fact that I don't remember myself being two, but I remember thinking of Nate as four.  I think when you're a younger sibling you live vicariously through your older sib until the age of 22.

"Bicentennial", 22" x 22" Gouache on paper
 This piece is a depiction of the Earth on it's two hundredth birthday.   Originally I was going to place more type on it for the full "Bicentennial" poster effect, but decided on just a small little call out.  There Earth was still pretty much a muss back then - a clump of rocks finding it's way.  A little terrestrial toddler.  I thought Legos would suit it nicely.  AND - nice that this guy got into American Illustration. :)

This turned out to be a lot of fun.  We decided to each paint a boat - the "HMS Boatheart" and the "USS Fudgecicle" respectively, and then frame ridiculous little drawings of "cannonballs" - really anything you would throw at someone else - and then left a note for people to tack up their own canonballs.  Let me tell you - it's hilarious.  There's stinky socks, flower bombs (an actual flower with note telling you it's a flower bomb), visual puzzles, an oscillating fan . . . It's everything I could have hoped for and more.

These are Owen's "Primordial Action Figures" which are both pretty and funny.  They totally take on little characters in my head.  He makes these from the scraps of some really beautiful wood from his job, and brings them home for his daughter, Mae.  These ones are special for the show.

"We Are All Descended From Homeless People", 22" x 30", pencil and gouache
Just a little reminder from me to you.:)

The right is a collection of Owen's subway drawings from London.  Top left is this collection of drawing about his mid-life crisis when he buys a sweet car and goes and hangs out at Stewart's all day.  Below that is my beloved "DMV".

"Ghosts of the Reign", Gouache and pen
What a dishonorable fate for the dinosaurs in a way - to end up plastic dinosaurs, that actually machines that transform into plastic people shaped robots.  Even thought most fossil fuel is not really dinosaurs, some of it is, making petroleum based plastic dinosaurs a little disturbing.

"The Lord's Typewriter" 22"x 22" Gouache on paper
 I've been wanting to do a periodic table for a while, and thought it could work with the show theme.  And yes, all the elements are there.

A close up of the canonball battle that got pretty experimental - love the color of those tickets and the craft paper!

This is my homage to the internet - a series of tubes that always ends up at cat videos.

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