Monday, August 9, 2010

Aahh . . . Brooklyn

Got to spend last night on Kiersten Essenpreis' and Wes Cox roof in Bushwick with our friends Jen and Jed Heuer to eat some lobster and celebrate my beloved Michelle's blank-ty something birthday with lobsters and cupcakes. (Hard to phrase that so it doesn't sound awkward but I want to link to everyone's site - they're all so damn good!) It was a lovely evening emotionally and physically with the great sunset and breeze coming in. Jen and Jed are headed off to Portland for the year next year, and there's the looming possibility of Kiersten and Wes eventually moving to Chicago, and I had the feeling I've had a couple times in the past ten years - things are going to change. Roof time with great people in the Borough of Kings seems just a little too nice to last.

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