Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Matchbooks! America's Design Library!

Michelle picked me up a sweet matchbook collection at the Brimfield (MA) Antique Show for 5$! This is but a taste. I hate to be one of those illustrators who moons over when overthing was illustrated but uh . . . I'll draw Mister Pancake! I love the processed color palettes too and the hand drawn type - especially the PROX logo.

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mlp said...

I love the Prox logo too - it has the same je ne sais quoi that I love about trucking company logos.

The guy who sold it to me was a flea market character with missing teeth, smoking a cigarette. When he saw how fascinated I was with the collection he sold it to me for $3 and put back all his favorites he had put aside for himself. Aw....